Professional Year

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What is a Professional Year you ask? A ‘Professional Year’ or ‘PYear’ is a job and skills training program which allows international students to gain practical work experience in a career-related field. Essentially, it’s the stepping-stone from your university studies to full time paid employment in your industry.

Under an ‘Eligible Skilled Occupation’ a student who completes this course to a high standard will be eligible for claim five points, according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA). The PYear Program ultimately will increase your employability skills and if you are a high achiever, it will place you in an excellent position to get a job once you’ve finished studying.

Before You Can Enrol

Before you can enroll into the Professional Year Program you will have:

Professional Year3

The Program Structure

Normally you will study your career related course over one year. Depending on where you complete your PY you may have an online or in-person orientation or an induction prior to starting. These sessions are usually held 1 – 2 weeks prior to your placement date / course commencement date. Be sure to ask us about your orientation date when you visit as these do change from time to time.

With a Nikee PY Placement you will be matched to an organization based on your skillset, academic background, employment experience, personality and the employer’s key criteria. Once we match you with your ideal placement opportunity, you will be notified and soon after called in for an interview and the interviewing stage begins.

Once you are in the program you need to performance at your very best in order to pass with flying colours. The higher your marks, the more opportunities you’ll have available to you.

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