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Advance your career, elevate your CV and find a company that values you. Empower yourself for professional interviews, find out about job available in the hidden job market and gain career confidence. Book an appointment with a Careers Consultant today.

Career Counselling, Business Coaching, Interview Coaching & In-house Career Experts here to serve you. We help you clarify your career direction, discuss all the pathways available to you and guide you to make decisions on what you might study or what further training you can do to elevate and grow your career.

Most people visit a doctor to do a health check to see if anything is wrong at least once a year, but not enough people do a career check to find out what they’re doing right and wrong. If you send through the same resume ten times and get rejected, it’s clearly a sign you need to change something. But what exactly do you need to change or is it the whole thing that just not up-to the standard? How do you really know what recruiters are looking for?

We take a holistic approach in all our consulting where we speak with you about your needs, your plans and your expertise. Usually finding a job isn’t the only thing on a person’s mind and there are many other factors which come into play determining whether or not you actually get that job.

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We take into consideration not only your academic background, but also your ability to speak concisely and coherently, your confidence and how you carry yourself, your ability to present, your portfolio (if you have one), how you respond to interview questions and much more in our Career Counselling sessions.

Are you ready to find a full-time job? Are you ready to learn techniques to position yourself as the best candidate in front of employers?

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