About Us

Since 1996 Nikee Migration Services has delivered exceptional results to over 18,000 clients in Migration, Education & Employment related matters.

Our Story

Nikee Business Group is proud to be serving Australia since 1996, delivering exceptional results with Migration, Education and Employment matters. Our consultants are senior industry experts in the various fields and are strategically located and allow us to serve our clients seamlessly in Australia and across the Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Our global presence and understanding of local culture enables us to deliver optimal results to you.

Our Client Services

Melbourne CBD Branch

In 1996 Nikee Business Group was first opened in Melbourne, Victoria by Brian Pereira. Brian understood the pain-points for new migrants and the difficulties in navigating all the migration requirements of Australia and so he embarked on a journey to help new migrants, students and families settle in Australia with ease.

If you are serious about getting your career and future underway, give us a call today and book an appointment with Brian. We’d love to hear about how we can help you!

Sydney Branch

Our Sydney branch was established in 2018 after we identified a need for Migration, Education & Employment specialists in the Australia’s second biggest growing city. Our Sydney team helps new migrants settle in Australia through providing them with employment opportunities, education challenges and housing support. If you know someone moving to Australia, looking to study in Australia or start their future abroad, refer them our team of specialist consultants. We are here to help!

Regional Operations- Bendigo Branch

In April 2012 we opened our first “Regional Operations Branch” at Suite 3/ 46 Queen Street, Bendigo CBD. The Bendigo office is centrally located on Queen Street and easy access to regional employers, regional clients and the regional development board.

It works with all levels of regional businesses, regional community groups to support the further development of these regions and acts as a link between local businesses, employers and clients showcasing regional Victoria and its services.

Tasmania Branch

Our Tasmania office was established in 2017 in Tasmania’s capital city, to cater to the high volume of clients we have wanting to live and work in Tasmania. From migration to employment and housing our consultants in Tasmania can help you with everything you need to settle in Australia and get your future on the road.

Would you like to live, work or study in Australia? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you – We would love to chat!