Find an internship in your academic discipline and undertake training in a workplace that values your skills and expertise. Release your full potential and accelerate your future with an internship in any Australian state. Speak to a consultant about your options today.

With Australian Internships in almost every single discipline from trades to medicine, we’ve got you covered! An internship with a perfectly matched role in the right company can open the right doors for you in the future.

Put your right foot forward this year and challenge yourself with an industry placement or internship in your chosen career field. Over the last 23 years we have successfully placed more than 1500 students in an industry internship placement.

Here’s what students have to say: 

At first it was quite challenging, but after the first 2 – 3 weeks I started to get the hang of things and it was just an amazing experience. Working on real live projects and seeing my website project go live for the company was one of my biggest achievements. I now feel well equipped to enter the job market and compete with other candidates because I know I have the ability to build amazing interactive websites for large scale organisations.
Shelly - 2018
Marketing Placement
Undertaking an internship really helps you stand out as an international student amongst others’ who have just migrated here and have no experience. I undertook a 3 month marketing placement and the amount of things I learnt on the job was just incredible. Would highly recommend all students to undertake an internship before applying for full time work
Kamal - 2019
Web Development Placement
I heard about Nikee Career Counselling through a friend and decided to give it a try. When I went for my first ever internship interview in Australia, I felt like I knew what I wanted, I was well prepared to talk about my skills and experience and I had a small portfolio of work to share with the employer. I received the internship placement and from then on it was intense, but I learnt so much in the span of just three months – more than I had learnt in my entire degree.
Sandra - 2017
Graphic Design Placement

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