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Discover the difference between the IELTS & PTE exams and enroll in a course today. Elevate your English skills, get tips on how to ace either test and lay the foundations for a successful future in Australia.

Do you want to study in Australia or gain an Australian visa? Then you may have already heard of the IELTS and PTE tests.

The IELTS Test

IELTS stand for ‘International English Language Testing System’ and is a language proficiency test used to assess international students’ level of English proficiency in a country where English is the native language or primary language used. 

The IELTS test consists of four key areas:

The average person studies at least 20 hours a week for about six months before sitting their IELTS test. What are you doing to help you achieve the highest grades possible in your IELTS?

We provide IELTS coaching and support to help prepare you for your test and also offer you the option of speaking with our IELTS partners to get the best deal on your IELTS course.

PTE Academic Test

The PTE Academic Test is the Pearson Test of English for study abroad candidates and for those wanting to migrant to Australia. It is an unbiased English test which the Australian government accepts as part of your visa application.

The PTE Academic is trusted by universities, colleges and governments worldwide as it incorporates artificial intelligence, technology and recognition techniques to test your understanding of the English language.

The PTE Academic Test consists of the following areas:

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Whilst the format of the PTE test is challenging, many students feel it’s quite achievable if you have put in the practice and the hours required to gain confidence in each area of the test.

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