Asiri Costa, Sri Lanka
Thank you Mr Briyan and Rita. You have done a tremendous job to get my student visa success. I should really appreciate your effort that you put on me through communications and guidance. Thank you very much and Good luck.
Abhishek Ghiria, India
Highly professional services delivered with Excellent Customer Satisfaction. Really appreciate the services offered... Highly Recommended...
Venkatesan Arumugam, Australia
Hi Nikee Business Group Team, I'm pleased to recommend "Nikee Business Group" to my friends and colleagues for the Australian visa processing. They have done a great job in visa processing, customer interaction and knowledgeable on the current visa requirements. A very special thanks to Brain, Rupali & Laknika to make it happen. Thanks a lot for your support and the guidance's. Thanks and Regards, Venkatesan
ZM C, Malaysia
Dear Brian, Gratian and the team at Nikee Thank you for helping me obtain my permanent residency. From the day I walked into your office before my uni graduation to seek advice on obtaining a visa to the day I was granted my PR, you have been nothing but compassionate and able to empathise with visa applicants like myself. When I had a concern about not being able to re-enter Australia after flying back to my home country for my grandmother's funeral, you were quick to reassure me and put my mind at ease to grieve properly. Thank you!
Chinmaya & Archana, India
Dear Brian & Gratian Thanks for all the help provided to get our PR. Your suggestions & guidance really helped us to cross the line. BIG Thanks to you & your team !!!
Chinmaya & Archana, India
Dear Brian & Gratian Thanks for all the help provided to get our PR. Your suggestions & guidance really helped us to cross the line. BIG Thanks to you & your team !!!
Dushy Bala, Sri Lanka
Dear Brian & Gratian, Thank you so much for helping me through out my visa process. I really appreciate your care and help. I would highly recommend Nikee's reliable service. Regards, Dushy
Rohit, India
Brian and Nikee Team has been very helpful in providing the right information to achieve Australian permanent residency right from the time when i was a student they guided me that the course i was studing will not be able to get PR , I took Brian's advice and joined a master's couse which would give me enough points to become a PR, at each and every step he has been more than a director of the company and is a mentor to me who can consult on various matters. His team is very helpful as well looking out for me at many times, they make sure you are looked after. I thank Brian and his team whole heartedly it would not have been possible without them. Best wishes regards Rohit Nair
Watantila, India
Thank you Nikee Business Group for making our dream come true. For Listening, taking care and helping us in this path that we have begun. We will be forever grateful ! Thanks for being the first ones to really care ! You cannot imagine how happy we are ! Have safe, peaceful, happy holidays ! Thanks for everything
Yatasha , Mauritius
Gratian thank you for your invaluable help. I really appreciate it. Take care
Vishwajit and Beena, India
Thank you Brian and all Nikee Staff.
Suneshra, India
Brian, Gratian and staff thank you very much for all the support.
Sumudu , India
With much Appreciation Brian and Nikee Business Group. Thank you very much for your kind service.
Sukhjit, India
Brian and Nikee Business Group thanks for your great services Thanks for thinking about me Thanks for care about me I am so glad you helped me Got my PR
Sudeera and Randika, India
Brian, Gratian and all the Nikee Staff you did something lovely and it really meant a lot. Thank you You are the best
Stefan Fernando, Sri Lanka
Thank you Gratian, Brian and the team for assisting me to obtain my permanent residence.
Soniya, India
Gratian Just a little way to say a big thank you ! Heartly thanks for your encouragement and sincere efforts all the time.
Sisira and Diyani, India
This warm greeting comes to bring many thanks for everything ! Thank you so much
Shehnaz, India
Thank you for your help and support Brian and Gratian.
Shehan, Sri Lanka
Thanks for the wonderful support and making my dream come true.
Sarbjit , India
Thank you very much for your help. Can't thank you enough.
Santosh and Shikha , India
Thank you for your help and support.
Rushanthan, Sri Lanka
Nikee Migration is very appreciated and will be remembered with gratitude.
rajvinder, India
Nikee Staff thank you very much for your kind support and guidance in our case. We really appreciate your help !!!
Rajpreet, India
Brian we can't thank you enough for your help in assisting my husband, myself and our daughter to legally fulfill our Australian residency dream. Extra special thanks to Rupali and Gratian as well. "Thank you"
Rajinda, Sri Lanka
Thanks Brian, Gratian, Ishani and Staff for all the efforts and hard work you all put in to achieving my dream in Australia. I am grateful that my career, my life and my journey begins here. Thanks for making my life better with the opportunities.
Priya , India
Thank you so much Brian and Gratian for all your help and support with my PR.
Previous Client , Greece
Thank you very much Brian. I appreciate very much your time and effort that you've put into getting our visas done. Thank you so much Gratian. Our big thanks for all your efforts on time preparation of all the documents.
Preeti, India
Brian thank you for all your support and time you took to sort my life out.
Pleased Client, Italy
Thanks for your support and advises to accomplish our dream ...
Nilaksh and Ravindu , Sri Lanka
Brian, Gratian, Christopher, Ishani Thank you very much for all your support. Hope to see you again.
Nagalingam, Sri Lanka
Thank you so much Nikee Migration for all the support and help.
Moaksha, Sri Lanka
Thank you Brian and the team
Mikiliya , Sri Lanka
Brian and the team Thank you for all the help.
Mari , Argentina
Today we want to share our happiness ! Our citizenship ceremony has arrived ! Thanks to you Nikee ! You made our dream come true !
Lusha and Dinesh, Sri Lanka
Lots and Lots of thanks for everything that you have done.
A Loyal Client, Italy
Brian, Gratian and the team Thanks for my Residency.
Kiranlal, India
Brian and Gratian Can't thank you enough.
Khorshid, Bangladesh
"Nikee Migration is the best"
Kavinda, Sri Lanka
Brian, Gratian and the team With special thanks and much appreciation for all your hard work, time and effort. A big Thank You.
Kasthuri, Sri Lanka
Nikee Migration team thank you very much for all the support.
Karunakar, India
Thank you for all the support to Brian, Gratian, Ishani and Sabian for everything you've done.
Kanwarjeet and Jaspreet, India
Brian and your whole team All the things that you have done in such a thoughtful way, are appreciated so much more than these few words can say.
Kalinga and Dishna, Sri Lanka
Brian, Gratian and Ishani Thank you very much for your support throughout the process.
Johnatan and Carolina, Spain
We are amazed at how the process came through. Thanks for all the guidance and orientation given through knowledge and professionalism. Thanks a lot
Jenielyn and Enri, Phillippines
Brian and Nikee Staff Thank you so much for all your help. We could not get it done without your help, who would think after 8 years that we got it. Our deepest appreciation !
Jayani, sithila and Ashini, Sri Lanka
Gratian Many thanks for your efforts in many ways.
Jaspreet and Taran, India
Brian and Gratian, We would like to thank you for your support and help during our entire case. We wish you good luck for future endeavors.
Heitor, Argentina
Brian, Gratian and the staff Thank you very much for listening and answering all my questions for the last 4 years. Finally we got it because of you. Thank you, thank you, thanks a lot.
Gurpreet Singh Naur, India
Thank you very much for your services to get my residency and all visas (student, TR).
Gresimal and Chathurangi, Sri Lanka
Gratian and everyone at Nikee Thank you very much For everything you've done... for being the special people you are... thank you so very much.
Gihani and Upul, Sri Lanka
Brian and Nikee Staff Thank you very much for everything. Special Thanks to Gratian, Good Luck !!!
Fathima and Seyed, Bangladesh
Brian, Gratian and the team You've been so wonderful, it's hard to know how to begin to say thank you... Please know that your kindness will always be remembered.
An Ecstatic Client, Pakistan
Thank you very much for everything you did for us to get the 'PR'.... Pretty much Appreciated.... Wish you and your team all the very best !!!
Don Nirodha and Purnika, Sri Lanka
Brian and Gratian, This comes with warm and sincere gratitude. We thank you for your support throughout the TR and PR process
Christine and Zenzo, Spain
Brian and Team Thank you very much for your good service and helping us get the PR. We wouldn't have been able to do it by ourselves. Will recommend other people because the service was the best and second to none.
A Grateful Customer, China
Brian We would like to thank you with all our heart. For the support, guidance and for advising us the right path for what we've achieved today. Wish you all the best and Many Thanks again
Bhumi, Sri Lanka
Brian and Team Thank you very much for your efforts.
Appeased Client, Bangladesh
Thank you for your genuine gesture. It will always be appreciated. Thanks for all the support. It will always be remembered.
A Well Pleased Client, Pakistan
You have our own going gratitude for all you've done. Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.
Anushica, Sri Lanka
Brian, Gratian and the team can't thank you enough, thank you so much.
Abdul Rasheed Qureshi, India
Brian, Gratian and team of Nikee Migration thank you so very much for always being there and for all that you have done.
A Pleased Client, Mauritius
Thank you very much for all your assist through this process.
A Happy Customer , Mauritius
Thank you very much for making my PR process look so simple and smooth. Driving the stress away was priceless and very much appreciated.
A Grateful Client, Singapore
Thank you very much for the unrelenting support throughout the process.
A Delighted Client, Singapore
Brian and Gratian Thank you for all your help, guidance and support.
Sussana , China
Brian and Nikee Staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Each time I was about to give up hope in staying in Australia, you always find a solution. YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!
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